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Check out some of the feedback from past patients detailing how I've helped improve their health and overall lifestyle.  Get in touch today to schedule an appointment and start your own rejuvenation, relaxation or healing process.

My name is Eddie and I suffer with cervical spondylitis and fibromyalgia. Carrelyn was recommended to me by a neighbour 8 years ago telling me she is a good massage therapist - well good was a serious understatement! Words cannot express how I feel about Carrelyn and how she has helped me with my condition. Without Carrelyn's expertise my neck and shoulders would completely seize up.  Suffice to say I've been seeing Carrelyn once a week for 8 years; she really is top draw! I highly recommend Carrelyn's magic hands.

I have been receiving massage treatments from Carrelyn for 2 years. She created a specific treatment plan for me to reduce my muscle tension and also relieve stress . It helps reduce my anxiety and calms my mind - realigning my mind and body. I have this done every 2 weeks and I couldn't go without it!   Sarah

Further testimonials and reviews on Google. 

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